spiritual mentor

Trees are so often used as metaphors for life, for growth, for spiritual awareness and healing, and rightly so. Who better than nature than to teach us, or rather remind us, that we are a part of it?

Sometime last year I was meditating in preparation for an energy healing class I was teaching, asking for any wisdom that I needed to share with this particular group of individuals. The students of this class were very motivated people with a drive to reach for the stars and whatever wisdom they could gain through their studies. They were also anxious to share what they were learning with others around them, to share the excitement and joy they were experiencing, but in a few instances fell short on this mark, as friends and family often do not share our interests or our path and this can so often be a challenge to us spiritual seekers.

During my meditation, I was given a message from one of my guides. I saw a large oak tree with big tall branches full of leaves reaching toward the heavens. I saw my guide climb the tree and select a bright green leaf from the very top of the tree, climb back down, and plant it in the earth as if to grow another tree from this leaf. A silly idea doomed for failure... and sure enough the leaf withered, turned brown and returned to the Earth. Next my spirit friend looked up at the tree and waited patiently. Slowly, the tree began to flower and form acorns on it's branches. When the acorns were fully grown, my guide simply watched as the ripest acorn fell to the earth, settled on the ground, and eventually began to sprout into a new tree.

The message I received was an aha moment for me. We cannot simply take our growth, our leaves of wisdom, and plant them with those around us and expect those leaves to grow into trees. Wisdom is gained through experience, through patience, through time, and through certain stages of life. A tree's leaves are it's own and are meant for it's use alone. A tree spends it's entire year using it's leaves to cultivate the resources necessary to create it's seeds, in this case acorns. The acorns grow at the right time, they fall at the right time, and the ones that are destined to become trees begin to grow in their own independent way if the conditions are right for that growth.

This is so important to remember as we walk through life. When our hearts and minds grow, we want to share that same joyous feeling we experience with others in the immediate. We must recognize, though, that each individual grows at their own pace in their own time in their own way. We are responsible for our own leaves, we need them for our growth, and they are useless to anyone else but us. Sharing our spiritual experiences often falls on deaf ears because we are sharing them in the wrong way. We are plucking our leaves and handing them out like party favors, except the people we give them to don't even know there's a party. Our spiritual wisdom and experience are meant for us alone, and it is by setting an example through our actions and through cultivating our own growth that we are able to form acorns that will germinate at the right time and place. The gifts and wisdom we have are best shared through example. By allowing others to observe our growth process, we shed seeds along the way that contain the potential of growth that others may or may not choose to nurture for themselves in their own way.

Remember as you change and grow through life, that this is your journey. It can be difficult to feel like you are growing away from others, but this is just part of the process. Some people will grow with you, others won't. As you explore life and as you explore new avenues, always remember that you will find those who can walk that path with you. It is not your job to drag unwilling individuals along or convince other people that your way is the right way. We must all grow at our own pace. Share your carefully cultivated wisdom by setting an example through your actions, share your acorns not your leaves.