Automatic Writing for Healing

In this video, Kristen discusses how we can use the technique of automatic writing to communicate with different... Continue Reading

When The Ego Throws a Tantrum

Kristen discusses the process of integrating new beliefs and what the process feels like when you make new... Continue Reading

How to Attract The Right Relationship

In this video Kristen discusses why we attract certain relationships through our energy body, what purpose those relationships… Continue Reading

Free Will vs Fate: Life plans, making changes, and following your path

Do we have free will or does destiny push us through life? In this video Kristen discusses how… Continue Reading

Do One Thing You’re Scared of – Using Fear to Heal

Learn why pushing through our fears, no matter how small or large, is one of the greatest things… Continue Reading

Changing your Aura’s Frequency with Words

Here you will find me discussing how we can use our voice and our thoughts as tools to… Continue Reading

What is Shadow Work?

In this video Kristen discusses what shadow work is, why it is a very important part of our… Continue Reading

How to Jump Start Your Healing Process

Learn how the healing process works once we become aware of the imbalances and unhealthy patterns that are… Continue Reading

The Power of Gratitude

This video discusses how we can use emotions such as gratitude to transform our lives and heal. Kristen… Continue Reading

Grounding for Health and Manifestation

In this video Kristen discusses what grounding is, how we become un-grounded energetically, and how we can use… Continue Reading

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