How I Conquered My Recurring Dream

If you walked up and asked any random person on the street, most people could tell you that... Continue Reading

Practicing Discernment

I am often asked for my definition of spirituality, and while I could probably write an essay, or... Continue Reading

The Life Cycle of Wisdom

Trees are so often used as metaphors for life, for growth, for spiritual awareness and healing, and rightly... Continue Reading

The Upward Spiral of Emotional Healing

Far too often we run away from our emotions and our pain. We think that if we touch… Continue Reading

Thailand Cave Rescue: The Archetypal Lens

The mystic, shamanic, or healer’s view of life is very different from the perspective of most. It is… Continue Reading

Stepping Outside the Box

“That’s not the right way to do that!” How many times have you heard that in your life?… Continue Reading

The Third Option

I always learn so much from my clients and what their bodies have to share, and this past… Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About Abundance

Last year, I was teaching a Reiki Level I class and was preparing to give the attunements. I… Continue Reading

The Guru: A Lesson in Spiritual Autonomy

Just as I was wrapping up a session the other day, my client asked me who my spiritual… Continue Reading

Just Relax: Healing the Shadow

I have a very strong meditation practice and recommend it to anyone and everyone who is looking to… Continue Reading

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