shamanic healing dream

If you walked up and asked any random person on the street, most people could tell you that they have had one or many recurring dreams in their life. If asked the meaning of their dream, though, most will not have the slightest clue what their recurring dream means. Some folks will realize their dreams happen during times of stress in their life, or are triggered by certain events or circumstances, but knowing the cause and resolving the conflict are two different things. I'd certainly love to resolve those dreams where all of my teeth fall out into my hands!

Whether we look at dreams as messages from our higher-self, the universe communicating with us, or simply our psyche working out unresolved thoughts from our waking hours, recurring dreams recur for a reason... because we haven't figured out and resolved what is driving them yet.

Through most of my 20's and into my early 30's I had a recurring dream where I would be in school, sometimes high school and sometimes college. Each time the environment was different. Sometimes it was my real high school, sometimes it was a school I didn't recognize, but no matter what I was always in a panic because I either forgot to register for a class I needed to take to graduate, or I would sign up for a class and completely forget to attend and end up failing the course only to find out when graduation time came. Other times I would fail the last assignment and not be able to graduate on time. No matter what, the theme was the same. Forgetting or neglecting to do what I thought I was supposed to do, and then failing as a result.

These dreams happened for years and years. I never could put two and two together to figure out what triggered them, they always seemed very random to me. Through all of the years I was having these dreams, I was living a "normal" life. The daily grind, doing my best to take care of myself and do all the things you are supposed to do. Living under the radar and in the matrix.

Then a shift occurred. I had what many would call my "awakening". I grew restless with my normal life, my job, my goals. My intuition was something that I always shoved to the side and repressed because I just didn't know how to integrate it into my "normal" life. Of all the things I've learned in life though, it's that restlessness is a signal and it requires a change to cure, so that's what I did. I changed. I changed careers. I went from being a full time web designer/developer to an energy healer, spiritual mentor, and intuitive coach. Nothing normal or "what you're supposed to do" about that!

Once I had firmly made the commitment in my mind to my new path, things started coming together. I had drive again, I felt inspired and joyous about my work, a feeling I had not ever had. I knew it was right.

Then one night I had a dream. This time I was in college, but one I didn't recognize. I was between semesters and in a panic on the first day of classes I realized I had forgotten to register. As usual I tried to figure out how to resolve this crisis. Panic ensued and I could not believe I had again neglected to do what I was supposed to do to get that degree. I picked up my laptop in the dream to log on and register for classes, hoping I wasn't too late. I entered a username and password into the system and it didn't work. I tried again, no luck. And then it happened... Instead of losing my mind in a blind, desperate panic like usual and awakening with a racing heart, adrenaline rush, and sweat, I stopped. I just stopped, closed the laptop and said out loud in the dream, "Screw it, I hate school, I don't need a degree!", and I walked away.

I awoke from the dream with peace in my heart. I knew I had won the battle with this slumber beast that had plagued my nights for years. Since that night, I have never had that dream again or anything resembling it.

Now that I look back, it's clear as a bell. I was being shown that doing what you REALLY need to be doing, following your life's purpose, does not create a sense of panic over doing what you are "supposed" to. You just do it, and let go. All of these years there had been a piece of me living my life for others' expectations and it was slowly eating away at me until I finally made the shift. That dream was showing me that no matter how responsible I thought I was, no matter how many lists I had checked off, no matter how many plans I had executed to "graduate" successfully, I would never get there as long as I was living someone else's version of my life. I would always live with that anxiety until I shifted my course and said, "No more, I'm living for me now".

Sometimes you don't know the meaning of your dreams until you resolve them. Hindsight really is 20/20. Sometimes it takes experience, time, and shifts in your life to actually have the insight necessary to interpret your recurring dreams or other patterns in your life.

What is interesting to me, though, is how the resolution of my recurring dream came with walking away, not with finally doing what I felt like I should be doing. Maybe dreams place us in our ego and really bring into focus the healing that it needs. Maybe it's only when we step out of that ego mindset in the dream and into our heart that we find peace, just like during our waking hours. Maybe dreams are a test to see if our subconscious mind has really learned it's lesson and has let go of what is no longer serving it. Next time I dream about all of my teeth falling out, maybe I'll just go with it and embrace it with gummy glory.