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Portsmouth NH reiki healing

Kristen's approach to holistic energy healing, holistic health and wellness coaching services portsmouth, NH through energy healing methods is well rounded. She is a certified reiki portsmouth, nh wellness coach and also uses portsmouth holistic spiritual counseling methods during her seacoast area intuitive health consultant sessions. She uses positive affirmations, meditation, and healing through emotional clearing as a reiki practitioner in Portsmouth, NH holistic health coach and wellness coach. Her seacoast holistic healing office offers a range of intuitive health consulting services focused through Reiki hands on healing.

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Holistic energy healing is a whole body approach to wellness an works with the energy and emotional body to clear energy blockages. Kristen's portsmouth NH reiki services are focused through a wellness coaching lens and she works with clients to not only clear energies, but address issues as an intuitive health consultant wellness coaching services.
holistic energy healing and intuitive health consultant

Kristen looks forward to working with you as you explore your holistic energy healing and holistic health consulting needs.wellness coach and intuitive health consultant

Energy Healing

Sessions always include a full body scan and balance, as well as additional attention to areas requiring further energy work.

Wellness Coaching

I will work with you to implement simple techniques tailored to you to create, restore, and maintain balance in your daily life.

Spiritual Coaching

I assist clients of all faiths or no faith in finding peace within their own belief system. Reiki is not faith based and works regardless of belief.

Intuitive Holistic Health

I work with clients to uncover the root of imbalances and health concerns through intuitive body work and provide referrals to other health practitioners when required.

Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healthcare Portsmouth, NH

Kristen's wellness office offers alternative medicine and holistic approaches to health and wellness. Her alternative medicine portsmouth, NH office is located on the Seacoast of new hampshire. Her services focus on holistic healing, energy medicine, and wellness coaching, and spiritual counseling.

Finding Balance

True wellness comes through balance between every part of the body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By combining the techniques of Reiki energy healing, wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, and my own intuitive abilities, I assist clients in balancing the body where it needs balancing. The body communicates what it needs. My role is to provide the body with Reiki life-force energy to promote healing, and to serve as the translator between your body and conscious mind so that you may choose to make changes in your life to help maintain this balance. Balance brings wellness.

Each individual comes to my office with a unique set of experiences, beliefs, and abilities. Additionally, each day brings with it a different set of concerns and issues that a person is experiencing in their life at that moment. I approach each session as a unique experience, because it is. We all shift and change from day to day, we heal, we grow, we learn, therefore each session is tailored to your unique situation, your unique belief system, and your unique abilities to improve your life and live in wellness.

My own belief system is very simple. I believe in balance, for balance brings peace. Balance can be integrated into any belief system and can bring health and wellness to anyone that is open to it. My approach to healing is to help you achieve balance in your life by releasing trapped energies, emotional trauma, chronic ailments, stress, pain, addiction, and other energies that you may be holding on to which prevent you from maintaining wellness.

When we listen to the body, we hear our own story and we see how our life has affected it. The body also knows balance, and it knows how to achieve balance when we give it the tools to do so.

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