Access Bars® Sessions

Access Bars® is an energy healing modality that works very differently from Reiki and the other energy healing modalities that I offer. For this reason, Access Bars® treatments are performed separately and independently from other energy healing modalities. While Reiki and energy healing in general is wonderful for releasing layers of blocks, healing the aura, transforming traumatic patterns in the energy field, and for releasing physical pain and illness, Access Bars® works with the electromagnetic energy stored in our brain's energy pathways to release beliefs and thoughts we are ready to let go of. It's like hitting the reset button on all mental energy patterns we have developed throughout our lives to give us a clean slate to work with.

During a session, you will be laying face up on the table, fully clothed. The energy work is performed almost entirely on the head for the majority of the session, however there is also time for resting and re-adjusting yourself after a session and for any questions you may have. Clients are likely to feel extremely relaxed, a sense of peace and clarity, and often maintain those feelings for quite some time after a session. For this reason, it is important to have time after your session to ground and integrate the experience. This means giving yourself time to take a nap, take a nice walk in nature, allow yourself time to simply feel your life and sit in the energy release before diving back into your day if possible.

Unlike my other healing and coaching sessions, I do not provide energy reads or notes for Bars® sessions simply because the modality itself is about the experience of releasing all the thoughts that need to go, not about creating more thoughts or things to contemplate.

I look forward to working with you and to answering any questions you might have about how Access Bars® works and how it may help you. If you are not sure whether to choose an Access Bars® or an Energy Healing/Coaching session, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to help guide you based in your unique needs.

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Points of Interest

Did you know?

Access Bars® releases the thoughts and perspectives that create limitations, giving you access to your consciousness.

Did you know?

Access Bars® provides a sense of peace, space and possibility.

Did you know?

You will only release the negative beliefs and limitations that you are ready to release during a Bars® session.

Did you know?

Brain waves slow down when you have your bars run.

Did you know?

Getting your Bars run stops the mind chatter!

Did you know?

Many people report they are able to make drastic shifts and positive life changes after one Access Bars® session.

Did you know?

Access Bars® is very relaxing and nurturing.

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